Announcing new project leader for UC Federal Documents Archive

I am pleased to announce that Jesse Silva has agreed to step into the role of project leader for the the UC Federal Documents Archive (FedDocArc).

In January 2015 the UC Libraries embarked on an ambitious project to create a shared persistent archive that consists of one print and one digital copy of all US federal government documents owned by the UC Libraries. For the past three and half years, Jesse has served as the Collection Lead on the Implementation and Oversight Team, and worked with me on the review of all government document materials shelved at NRLF and SRLF. We are now working with individual UC campuses to review their government document collections and continue to build the FedDocArc.

Jesse will be taking over my role – leading the Implementation and Oversight Team, coordinating the work of the campus teams with Library IT, developing documentation and improved workflows, and maintaining communications with the UC Libraries. Jesse has been a great spokesperson for this project in state and national venues and has an excellent reputation among government information colleagues within the UC System which will serve us well as this project continues. Jesse continues to be a member of the Social Sciences Division reporting to Susan Edwards; I will continue to be closely involved too as the project sponsor and the liaison to the UC Libraries’ Direction and Oversight Committee.

Edited excerpt of email Elizabeth Dupuis sent to library staff.