Announcing new project leader for Library’s Center for Connected Learning

I am pleased to announce that Jean Ferguson has assumed the role of project leader for the Library’s Center for Connected Learning initiative.

In November 2016, the Library opened the newly renovated upper floors of Moffitt Library. That was the beginning of the life of the Center for Connected Learning, a hub for undergraduates to engage in multidisciplinary, multimodal inquiry and creation. Jean participated on the library team that contributed to planning, construction, and service design for Floors 4 & 5. Since the opening, she has been the point person in developing programs and services happening on all floors. Many of the activities draw from successful collaborations with others in the library as well as relationships with campus partners such as Educational Technology Services, Student Affairs IT, Data Science Nexus, Tang Center, and various student groups.

This year we will affirm the vision for the full scope of the Center for Connected Learning, and develop the schematic design for Moffitt Library Floors 1, 2, & 3. We will be working closely with architects, library staff, campus partners, and students. Jean’s experience prepares her well to step into this leadership role for this initiative. Jean continues to be a member of the Instruction Services Division with dual reporting to Nicole Brown and me; I will continue to be closely involved too as the project sponsor.

Edited excerpt of email Elizabeth Dupuis sent to library staff.